Poolampalayam (PO)

Karur - 639008

CBSE Affiliation

Number: 1930641

Lower Secondary (Grade 6 to Grade 8)

This metamorphic period from childhood to adolescence is a time when children experience and witness dramatic physical, emotional and social changes in self and peer group. The Middle School Programme offers an embellished curriculum to match the growing abilities of children in assimilating information and grasping abstract ideas. This also provides an avenue to extend the educational exposure and experience beyond the portals of their classrooms. The programme is a cynosure which braces the knowledge, aptitudes and proficiencies of the child through wide-ranging learning activities.

Highlights of Lower Secondary Programme

  • This programme has a detailed inter-disciplinary approach which enables students for an integrated learning.
  • The learning mechanisms like research-based projects and model making in the programme equips them to keep both their feet on the ground.
  • In order to enhance oratorical and listening skills, students are provided well designed activities like debates, group discussions, elocution, extempore, etc.
  • An array of programmes like dance, drama, music, art, craft, etc. is dispensed to rear children’s creativity and latent talents.
  • The curriculum caters to the individuality of each student to flourish into a holistic personality.
  • Beyond the spectrum of academics, the curriculum places emphasis on sensitising children to be humane and committed towards society through participation in social outreach programmes.
  • Field trips – a step beyond the portals of the classroom which enriches their personal and social development along with application of acquired skills.
  • The curriculum extends minimum level of learning at all stages of education while evaluating the attainment of children.
  • The pedagogical strategies and tools involving workshops, seminars, talks, presentations, video clippings and laboratory demonstrations are used to reinforce learning.
  • The programme maintains a comprehensive students portfolio based on observational and situational tests.
  • The Programme makes a parallel to the educational visions defined by the CBSE, and provides a solid foundation.

The students have the main subjects studied at the primary level along with an additional language. Subjects offered include

  • English
  • Second Language: (Hindi, Tamil, and French)
  • Third Language: (Hindi, Tamil, and French)
  • Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology – combined)
  • Social Studies(History, Civics and Geography-combined)
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science