Poolampalayam (PO)

Karur - 639008

CBSE Affiliation

Number: 1930641

Senior Secondary (Grade 11 & Grade 12)

At the Senior Secondary level, the curriculum witnesses a paradigm shift from general to core subject-focussed content. Students are introduced to wider scopes of the discipline which provides acts as a catalyst to their growth. At this phase the students streamline their choice of subjects and interest to achieve their passion and targets. So, the Senior secondary programme is a tailor made one which suits the demands of the present education landscape.

The course design and delivery emphasise on interactive learning, application of knowledge acquired, use of technology, etc. Along with these subject based objectives, it also proffers a positive attitude to think and analyse logically, reasoning abilities, problem solving approaches, and inter-disciplinary learning.

The School offers Science and Commerce Streams, and students can choose subjects from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science and Informatics Practices. The students also study English language in classes 11 and 12.

Highlights of Senior Secondary School Programme

  • Novice concepts along with protracted exposure to the contemporary areas of each subject.
  • Content analysis is done through simple, lucid and sequential flow of knowledge.
  • A legion of opportunities and scope for inference and appreciation of basic concepts and facts.
  • Empirical learning through pragmatic tools like laboratory work, investigatory projects, presentations, etc.
  • Builds the ability to analyse, cope, appraise and respond to change.
  • Understands the need for dynamic and integrated learning.
  • Contributes an arena to develop analytical, logical thinking and reasoning ability.
  • Paves way for higher educational pursuits.