Portfolio Category: Kindergarten

KG 11
Read aloud in class – phonics classes that help children become better readers.
KG 10
Learning through art – drawing – an easy way to help the child express his/her feelings.
KG 9
Keeping Fit – Exercising our little selves!
KG 8
Reading is fun – Children enjoying reading books in class.
KG 7
PTMs – A bridge between parents and teachers to help the holistic development of the child.
KG 6
Celebrations in school – remembering and rejoicing our culture and tradition.
KG 5
Field trips – A real world experience that connects the child’s learning.
KG 4
Colour day – Connecting to the different colours around us.
KG 3
Toddlers @ play in the sand pit
KG 2
Yoga – Keeping the mind and body in unison.